BirthWell Partners

We train community doulas who provide caring, one-on-one support to low-resource pregnant women and teens in central Alabama. Doulas provide women with the information they need to make informed decisions, support them physically and emotionally during labor, and assist them with breastfeeding and early bonding.¬† It’s cost-effective care that makes a clinical difference.

BirthWell Partners’ Mission:

BirthWell Partners is a not-for-profit community doula project whose mission is to improve the health of low-resource mothers and infants in Central Alabama  by offering free and reduced-cost childbirth education, breastfeeding assistance, and non-medical labor support provided by birth doulas.*

*Doula [Doo-luh]: a woman who is trained to provide informational, physical and emotional support to women before, during and after childbirth.



Meet Rashauna, former doula client and current doula volunteer!

May 2016 BirthWell Partners Community Doula Project has impacted my life in ways that leave me humbled and thankful. My journey with BirthWell started as a client and has continued with my completing Doula training, and currently working on becoming DONA certified. When I encountered BirthWell Partners I had lost my corporate career and had …

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Thank you to UABs Benevolent Fund

Thank you to UABs Benevolent Fund for awarding us a grant to provide childbirth education in the community, paired with training a doula from that community to serve the families in the class!!!

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