What my Doula did for ME

Doula: Proven to benefit your labor

Having a Doula at your birth is proven to reduce your chances of a c-section and improve your birth experience. Doulas are there to support the mother during one of the most exciting AND challenging times of her life. A doula provides the mother with physical, emotional, and informational support. Doulas can help during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

doula did for me 1 doula did for me 2

Photos used with permission

Many women can attest to the power of having a doula for the labor and birth experience! Here are some of the comments made by BirthWell Partners clients:

She was always there when I needed her. She gave me tons of information and was only a call away when I needed to talk.”

“She kept me positive, she helped me relax, she was very supportive, she boosted my confidence a whole lot, her massages helped me and so much more—she did amazing!”

“Somebody who believed in my strength. A brand new friend.”

“She was there for me before and after my c-section. Also, she was there for my family.”

doula did for me 4 doula did for me 3

Photos used with permission

Would you like to have a doula attend your birth?
BirthWell Partners provides low-cost doula support for low-resource families.
If you are covered by Medicaid, your doula could be FREE.
Contact Dalia to find out more 205-614-3297

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