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Scholarship information

Scholarship applications for our 2019 comprehensive birth doula trainings are due February 18th!!!! See below for information on how to apply.

We review applications once a year. If you are awarded a scholarship you will be invited to attend either the spring or fall workshop during that year. Be sure to read all of the information about scholarships in the first pages of the application, and verify that you will be available for all classes (either spring or fall training) by reviewing this list of important dates and deadlines on the application. Then we invite you to apply for our scholarship!!!

Scholarship application process:

A rainbow of doulas serving diverse clients in North Central AL

1. Written application
2. Video conference interview.
3. Applicant group activity

The goal of our assessment is to determine your need, and to determine if you would be a good match for serving as a community doula with our program. If we do not award you a scholarship, that does NOT mean you wouldn’t be a GREAT doula. Only that you are not a good fit for our program needs. We still encourage you to attend one of our doula workshops, and would be happy to work with you on setting up a payment plan.

Please use one of these methods submit your written application:
1.  You can download this PDF, complete it and mail it to us at 976 Linwood Rd., Birmingham, AL 35222 or email it to us at [email protected]
2.  You can download this WORD document, fill it out and email it to us at [email protected]

Please pay special attention to the important dates and deadlines on the first two pages of the scholarship application.

BirthWell Partners is a publicly supported charity that depends on scholarship recipients to serve women who could not otherwise afford doula services. Our program is based on a win-win premise. In return for extensive training, mentoring and finding your first doula clients, scholarship recipients commit to providing pro-bono services to low-resource clients recruited by BirthWell Partners.  In this way, doulas attend the births required for certification and gain valuable on-the-job experience.

As a scholarship recipient, the doula services you will provide for each pregnant client includes: two prenatal visits, birth support, and two postpartum visits.  This means being “on-call” 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a period of two-three weeks before the woman’s due date and until her baby is born (at most, three weeks after her due date.)  Once the baby is born you are no longer on call, but do need to remain available to provided needed postpartum services.

Guidelines for Applicants

Applicants for BirthWell Partners’ birth doula scholarships must:

•  be at least 21 years of age

•  live within the greater Birmingham area, Tuscaloosa or Anniston

•  have their own transportation

•  have a valid driver’s license and automobile liability insurance

•  have financial need

We Look at a Range of Applicants:  We know that some of our applicants will move on to missionary work outside the country, some will use doula training as a stepping stone to midwifery training, some are public health professionals who will use this experience to enhance their careers and create better policies for maternal and child health, some will become professional doulas in affluent communities, and some will become professional doulas and serve mothers in low-income communities.

We Look at a Range of Financial Need:  Some applicants will be offered full scholarships and others will be offered partial scholarships, based on their ability to pay some of the training costs.

This approach allows us to spread our limited scholarship money to as many applicants as possible.  As one of our goals is increasing access to doula care, the more scholarships we can provide, the further we go toward meeting that goal.

If we offer you a partial scholarship, any money you can pay helps us cover our costs, and you lower the number of births you commit to attending, while still getting all of the benefits of supplemental training and mentoring.

If we decide NOT to award you a scholarship, please note that this does NOT mean that we don’t think you should attend the training or that you wouldn’t be an amazing doula. It only means that we feel you are not a good match to volunteer in our doula program at that time.


Scholarship Details

The BirthWell Partners FULL scholarship includes:

            •  Introduction to Childbirth Education for Doulas (8 hours of instruction)

            •  Birth Doula Workshop (over 20 hours of instruction)

            •  Breastfeeding Class (4 hours of instruction)

            •  Perinatal Health Advocate Training (3 1/2 hours of instruction)

            •  Volunteer Doula Orientation (2 hours of instruction)

            • Birth Doula Certification Packet

            •  Matching with first doula clients and mentoring and Support from Experienced Doulas

            •  Background Screening

            •  Volunteers in good standing (completed 6 births and submitted all related paperwork)  will receive a BONUS to cover the Birth Doula Certification Application Fee and a one year DONA membership

Scholarship recipients agree to:

            •  Submit to background screening

            •  Attend the Introduction to Childbirth Education for Doulas course

            •  Attend the Breastfeeding Class

            •  Attend the Doula Training Workshop

            •  Attend the Perinatal Health Advocate Training

            •  Attend the Volunteer Orientation

            •  Attend supplemental trainings and meetings throughout the 18 month period (at least 4 per year)

            •  Follow the official DONA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Birth Doulas

            •  Provide birth doula services to 6 BirthWell Partners clients in Birmingham, Anniston or Tuscaloosa, within 18
months of attending the Birth Doula Workshop. Services per doula client include a minimum of 2 prenatal
visits, attendance at the birth and a minimum of 2 postpartum visits and submission of all relevant paperwork.

            •  Check and respond to messages (email, phone, or text) within a reasonable period of time, and stay in regular
communication with program staff

            •  Complete and submit documentation for each client in a timely manner

            •  Attempt to follow up with clients by phone at designated intervals for 12 months

            •  Represent BirthWell Partners at at-least one health fair or fundraising event.

If unforeseen circumstances arise and a recipient is unable to completely fulfill this commitment, scholarship recipients agree to repay the cost of their training at a prorated amount based on the number of births attended.  The value of this scholarship, covering the costs of training, certification, client assignment and mentoring support is over $1500.


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  1. Helen Baird Earnest

    I would love to have a scholarship for a DOULA. This is my dream please contact me. HELEN

    1. Dalia

      Hello Helen,
      We would love to have an application from you. Check back in one or two months, we should have scholarship applications open for our fall 2014 training by then

    2. Dalia

      Helen, scholarship applications are now available on the web site. Contact me if you have any questions: 205-614-3297

  2. Jessica

    When will the information for next year be available(2015)? I live in Huntsville, Al and I would like to become a doula.

    1. Dalia

      We have scheduled our next training for April, the dates are here http://www.birthwellpartners.org/doula-training/upcoming-doula-training-dates/
      I will email you the registration.

  3. Bethany

    I live in Hartselle Alabama close to Huntsville Alabama and I’m very interested in becoming a doula. I would like to get more information. Also is there a way to get help with paying for all of this?

    1. Susan

      Bethany, please email or call us. Thanks!

  4. Katlin

    Hi, have I missed the deadline for the fall 2018 scholarship application? If so when would the next scholarship opportunity become available?

    Thank you,

    1. Dalia

      Hello Katlin,
      You can apply now for our fall training. We would love to have you.

  5. Shelby Diamond

    Ready for 2019? This would be a dream come true!

    1. Dalia

      Hi Shelby, we are accepting applications for the April 2019 training. Email us for more information [email protected]

    2. Dalia

      Hello Shelby Diamond. The scholarship application deadline for 2019 trainings in on Monday 2/18/19. If you are still interested, please submit your application this weekend!

  6. Dalia


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