Nov. 15th Training wrap up

Thanks to all who attended our training on Nov. 15th.

Some highlights of what we learned:

Universal precautions:
-Wear gloves when you provide perineal support, breastfeeding support, and when you hold a baby before he/she is washed. These precautions are as much to protect your clients from anything you might be carrying, as it is to protect yourself.
-Wear closed toe shoes when you attend a birth

Risk Management:
-As doulas, we hold a position of authority. Be very careful not to give advice or to appear to the hospital staff as if you are giving advice. Our goal is to EMPOWER mothers and families to take responsibility for their health and for their choices. Give information, not advice!
-Get in the habit of saying “See your doctor with any concerns you may have”.

                                                                  -Thanks Dr. Simpson for your presentation

Making Slings out of what’s in the House:
-We learned how to make slings out of a bed sheet
(twin, folded in half the long way; like a hot dog bun, not a hamburger bun)
You can watch Suzie make a sling out of a bed sheet here

Bed Sheet Slings

Bed Sheet Slings

-We learned how to make slings out of a shawl

Shawl Sling

Shawl Sling

-We learned how to make a back carrier out of a bed sheet or beach towel

Bed Sheet Back Carrier

Bed Sheet Back Carrier

[important]When placing a baby in a sling, the position is very important.
Remember to hold the baby heart to heart and close enough to kiss.[/important]

Thanks to Susie Spence for the sling training!

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