Meet Rashauna Carter, former doula client and current doula volunteer!

May 2016


Rashauna Carter participating in her Birth Doula Training

BirthWell Partners Community Doula Project has impacted my life in ways that leave me humbled and thankful. My journey with
BirthWell started as a client and has continued with my completing Doula training, and currently working on becoming DONA certified.

When I encountered BirthWell Partners I had lost my corporate career and had begun working a low paying job to care for my family as I was a single parent with one child and was expecting another. Birth Well Partners was able to assess my situation, personality, and my birth plan goals and immediately placed me with a Doula that was a perfect fit. I received an abundance of information and resources specific to my interests and concerns. This allowed me to not only make the decision to have an un -medicated birth with confidence, I was better prepared for the doubts and unwanted horror stories of others after sharing my decision. With the amazing assistance of the BirthWell Partners and the Doula assigned I not only achieved my goal of avoiding an epidural and medical interventions, I realized I was a lot stronger than I had ever given myself credit for. Behind job loss, divorce, and the challenges of being a single mother; phrases like, “I can’t, I’m not sure, and I’m afraid” became my story. Post birth not only did I feel more assertive, confidant, and empowered, I felt motivated.

Who knew that a remarkable birthing experience could do more than just provide a great story to share! A few months passed and while the joy of motherhood swallowed me up I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to do more than just share my story. I wanted to help create them. I applied and received a scholarship from BirthWell Partners for Doula training. This was the missing piece! I have not yet attended my first birth but just completing the course has elevated my sense of self worth. I feel more than ever that I have something to offer the world, that I can make a difference one birth at a time. My honest feelings are that if I were to never attend a live birth, I have gained just from my participation in BirthWell’s training. Since the training course I feel a sense of connection to women as a whole. I find myself striking up conversation with expecting mothers, and out of sheer excitement everyone I’ve come into contact with has gotten a fact or story, even single men with no children. I don’t at all mind being the crazy birth lady if, when the time presents itself one person remembers something I’ve said and it proved useful.  If I’m able to assist one woman in having the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that I have now I will have made a personal dream come true. The co-founders of BirthWell Partners explained to me that funds obtained from donations, grants, etc is how they are able to offer the services I received as a client and funding for the training of other Doulas. I now would like to take a moment and appeal for your consideration in aiding BirthWell Partners in continuing to make meaningful strides in the area of women’s education on topics such as prenatal/post partum health, breastfeeding, the continuation of empowerment and advocacy; and most impactful providing this gift to those who otherwise couldn’t afford to pay for it. I feel that I am a true testament, along with data/statistics that BirthWell Partners has a positive impact and much needed influence in the community, directly in the lives of women and beautiful birthing experiences.  While I know I physically did the work of labor, BirthWell Partners community Doula project was my resource for knowledge, my support when others were unable to be so, a comforter in time of fear, my cheerleader when I thought I couldn’t do it, my inspiration to be a part of something greater, simply stated they were available and just there. The information, the support, the classes are all bonuses I will forever be grateful for. In life things haven’t always gone as planned and having a warm hand to hold, a sincere smile, heart that I knew cared, see me through one of biggest milestones in my life has made an impact beyond measure.
Dalia & Susan Thank You!

Rashauna Carter. Doula Workshop Spring 2016

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