Meet Rebekah Teel: BirthWell Partners volunteer and DONA certified doula


Rebekah Teel

   I received the BirthWell Partners Scholarship in October of 2013. Since that time I have been privileged to attend 10 births as a volunteer doula for women in need. And even though my “obligation” as a volunteer has been fulfilled, I continue to offer my services free of charge on a regular basis. Why would I do that? Because I truly believe in BirthWell Partners mission, “A doula for every women who wants one, regardless of their ability to pay.”

My own journey as a doula would have never happened without the scholarship program. You see, I have 7 children, so money is always tight and stretched as far as it can go. Although I wanted to become a doula because I love birth and love helping others, it was also to try to bring some extra money into our home. But I just couldn’t afford the training. The BirthWell Partners scholarship was an answer to my prayers. They helped me to gain the skills, training, knowledge, and confidence that I needed to become a certified doula through the DONA organization. I don’t think I could have done it without the extra support from the ladies at BirthWell Partners.

The births I have attended and the women, families, and other care providers I have worked with along the way have all helped to shape me into the doula, and woman, I am today. Each birth has been a new and different experience, and I have learned something from each one that will help me in the future. I have been able to work with a very diverse group of clients. I welcome and appreciate that I have been given the opportunities to work with so many different women and their families.

BirthWell Partners has continued to help me through education and training opportunities over the past 3 years. The support I have received has been amazing. I now belong to a community of loving, supportive women who encourage each other daily. I never would have the opportunity to be part of this amazing group of women without BirthWell Partners. We are more than colleagues or friends, WE ARE SISTERS! My life has been enriched because of it. Being a volunteer doula with BirthWell Partners is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It’s family. It’s where I belong. And I don’t think I will ever stop volunteering with them!


Proud BirthWell Partners Volunteer Doula, Rebekah Teel CD(DONA). Birth Doula workshop Fall 2013

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