Meet Anne Pautler: BirthWell Partners volunteer and DONA certified doula


Anne with BirthWell Partners executive director Susan Petrus representing BirthWell Partners in the community.

The grassroots assistance that BirthWell Partners offers in promoting women’s health services is invaluable in the greater Birmingham community.

BWP has given me the opportunity to do outreach at women’s health fairs, attend and support community childbirth education classes, and serve low-resource mothers during pregnancy and birth. This organization works tirelessly to promote and support women’s and baby’s health.

On partial scholarship, I completed the doula training with BWP in spring of 2013. Thoroughly learning about physiological birth, breastfeeding,  and the role of the support person gave me the foundation to practice in this profession.  I have gone on to practice privately and have been attending births consistently now for three years.  BirthWell Partners teaches evidence based care along with insight and compassion.  The level of service they offer to women is extraordinary.

Since training, I have worked as primary doula or secondary doula for ten mothers through BWP.  Every woman I have had the honor to work with has taught me something and left me feeling grateful and humble that I can doula in this capacity. Working with low-resource mothers with very unique situations has deepened an awareness in me that forces to expand one’s ideas and consciousness.  It truly has given me a greater capacity to challenge my perceptions and move further into a place of compassion.  It is for this reason that I continue to volunteer with BirthWell Partners.

Anne Pautler: Birth Doula Workshop Spring 2013

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