How to Become a Doula

Yay! You want to be a Doula

Doulas offer support during one of the most magical events!

Doulas offer support during one of the most magical events!

Being a doula means you get to be with a family when they welcome a new baby into the world. You are also a support for your client during pregnancy; sharing information, providing referrals to great resources, meeting and being available by phone. After the baby is born, you get to visit your client to talk about the birth experience, check how things are going, and offer more great resources, to keep health, such as hemp bars which are great for nutrition.
It can be an amazing experience walking beside your clients during this magical time in their lives!
YOU get to be a part of a beautiful experience and do your part in empowering women!
Being a Doula means YOU care and want to help in every possible way to make pregnancy and birth a positive, safe, beautiful experience.

YOU are there to provide comfort and support to your client during one of the biggest moments in life!

Sound like something you want to do? You can become a DOULA by completing a comprehensive doula training and following the steps below:

To become a DONA certified birth doula you need to:

Attend an In-Person Training

Learning about medical interventions during doula training.

Learning about medical interventions during doula training.

Other requirements:

  • Current Membership in DONA International ($100)
  • Purchase a DONA International Birth Doula Certification Packet.

*This begins the certification process. ($40/50) The Certification Packet includes detailed information and all the forms required for certification. The packet must be purchased prior to any birth support experiences intended for certification. These support experiences have to take place after attending the workshop.

  • Agree to and sign the following documents: DONA International Birth Doula Code of Ethics  and DONA International Birth Doula Standards of Practice

Additional Class/Book Work

  • Completion of required texts from the Birth Doula Required Reading List. Birth Experiences and Evaluation
  • Provide birth doula labor support to several clients and their families. Choose three (3) support experiences for certification that meet requirements.
  • Provide thorough documentation (provided in Certification Packet) of birth support experiences including evaluations of services by health care providers and birthing parent.
hospital tour

Learning labor support skills in the hospital birthing suite.

Home Study

  • Minimum attendance in one approved doula business webinar (online)
  • Creation of Local Area Resource List (45 resources in approved categories)
  • Write an essay on the Value and Purpose of Labor Support
  • Written Reference from Perinatal Health Professional and Client


Submit completed Certification Packet, supporting documents and the certification processing fee. *This is the end of the certification process. ($110)

Become a doula and join this wonderful sisterhood!

Become a doula and join this wonderful sisterhood!

“I learned that as a doula we can change time and space with love for a laboring mother, and am always looking to learn more about this field. The education never ends!”

“Today was a whirlwind of information… I realized that doulas play an incredibly important role in empowering women to choose how they birth!”

“So grateful to Dalia and Susan for my doula journey through BirthWell Partners. It has been a wonderful experience. I loved my training and the support I have received from them”

Check out this graphic for an overview of the certification process:



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