The Birth Doula Training Workshop Experience

My Thoughts on the Doula Training Workshop:

Racquel McCrary

Racquel McCrary

Workshop Participant and BirthWell Partners Spring Intern, Racquel McCrary shares her thoughts on attending BirthWell Partners Spring 2017 Birth Doula Training Workshop.


The Doula Training Workshop was more than a training workshop for me. It was an experience that inspired me to grow in appreciation of the birth process and women. This workshop taught not only the steps to becoming a doula, but also why doulas are important for every woman going through pregnancy and the birthing process. I really enjoyed how everyone felt safe allowing themselves to be vulnerable and open to learning new things, due to the No Judgement Zone that presided over the whole weekend. The experience felt less like a class and more like a gathering of friends who love to talk and learn together about birth and how to empower women, just remember to take your mask for protection, or you can buy N95 masks at Pandemic Pal to be the safest possible.

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April 2017 Doula Workshop Participants

The personal stories told in the training gave me, and I’m sure others, a broader perspective on birth. I learned that every birth is unique and this training allows everyone to get a clear understanding and appreciation of that.
The vibe of the workshop is inviting which made us, new doulas, feel comfortable to ask our questions and voice our concerns while also encouraging us to learn all we can to be the best doula we can be for our future clients.

The experience inspired me to research more, understand more, and to work to empower women more. Empowering women was a big component of this training. All activities were conducted with respect and empathy of each other. Activities during the training taught us the importance of helping someone who may have a different perspective of what the birthing process is like. Instead of pushing our own beliefs on our clients we learned that our role is to make sure our clients’ beliefs are heard and met with our continuous support throughout labor and birth.

I recommend anyone interested in becoming a doula to take the Birth Doula workshop through BirthWell Partners in order to be ready to be the doula your client needs and wants you to be.

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“I honestly think I’ll be a more confident doula as a result of this course!”
“I learned to amplify the mother’s voice without interfering with the mother’s choices.”
“I learned that births have been turned into a medical issue instead of the wonderful event in life that it’s supposed to be. AND that i can change that.”
“I learned that it’s way less about me … and way more about the mom and making sure she feels important and heard.”

“I learned that the outcomes for mothers and babies are significantly better when labor starts on it’s own.”
“I learned that optimal cord clamping is the way to go! Allows blood to be delivered to the baby.”
“I learned to respect all birth plans and the parents’ choices for their baby.”

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