Meet new doula Knetta

Knetta attended BirthWell’s DONA approved Birth Doula workshop this past September. Here’s what she had to say:

“The BirthWell Partners workshop was unique for me because it felt intimate, welcoming, and judgement-FREE.  Dalia is a passionate birth advocate, as well as an empowerer of women.  BirthWell reflects the true meaning of being a doula and recognizing that every woman who wants a doula should have access, and that marginalized communities need the largest voice.  It represents the importance of community among women and how much stronger we are together.  The warmth and kindness reflected from Dalia and Susan created memories that I will never forget.  I was proud to be included in the Fall 2019 class and I’m excited to continue being an ally in the birthing culture.”

You can learn more about Knetta’s doula services at her website:

follow her on Instagram:  @knettanicole, Twitter @knettanicole and Facebook

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