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Perinatal Health Advocate Training

BirthWell Partners Volunteer Doulas are Perinatal Health Advocates and Community Health Worker – Doulas!

To register for our Perinatal Health Advocate Training:

A rainbow of doulas serving diverse clients in North Central AL

complete this form: PDF or
WORD document. Or click here to register using our secure Paypal account.

On Zoom!

2020: January 29th
June 25th
September 17th
November 12th 9am-12:30pm

2021: February 15th 9am-12:30pm
May 3rd 9am-12:30pm

COST: $40

Registration deadline is 10 days before the date of the class.

Training location: East Lake United Methodist Church
7753 1st Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35206

Nuestros cursos son en Inglés, para obtener información en Español acerca de las clases click aquí

Did you know that African American babies in the USA are more than twice as likely to die in their first year compared to white babies?

Did you know that African American women in this country are 3-4 times more likely to die of pregnancy related causes than white women?

Do you work with pregnant people in your community? Are you concerned about the huge inequities in birth outcomes for low-resource families you serve? Learn to address these problems by adding “Perinatal Health Advocate” or “Community Health Worker Doula” to your skill set.

“This is a great course for community advocates and a refresher for professionals that work with women.”
“The statistics we studied in this course on health disparities are shocking. It was very eye-opening to take this course.”

How is a Community Health Worker Doula/Perinatal Health Advocate different from a regular Birth Doula or from other Community Service Providers?

-A Birth Doula provides support directly related to pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.
The focus is on birth!

-A Community Service Provider helps connect people with resources and support throughout the life course. The focus is on a family’s global needs!

A Perinatal Health Advocate/Community Health Worker Doula focuses on connecting families with resources and support for pregnancy, birth and for parenting. The focus is on the parent’s global needs during pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum.

A Perinatal Health Advocate understands how the environment in which a parent lives affects pregnancy and birth.
A Perinatal Health Advocate/Community Doula is aware of the unacceptable health disparities affecting families in our communities.
Perinatal Health Advocates help connect families to the resources they need to lead healthy lives and to complete healthy pregnancies.

BirthWell Partners’ goal is for parents in our communities to carry pregnancies to term, growing chunky healthy babies.

We believe that Perinatal Health Advocates help make this happen!

Do you want to be a Perinatal Health Advocate??? We would love to have you!

We hold Perinatal Health Advocate Trainings 2-3 times a year in conjunction with our regular Birth Doula Trainings. (BirthWell Partners Volunteer Doulas must attend a Perinatal Health Advocate Training and a Volunteer Orientation.)

birth collageWho should take this course?
Doulas and doulas in training
Social workers who work with families during their childbearing years
Early Head Start staff
Healthy Start staff
Lactation consultants
Labor and Delivery Nurses
Obstetricians working with parents whose pregnancy is covered by Medicaid
WIC providers and peer counselors
Public Health students and professionals
Anyone who wants to work to address health disparities related to birth and babies in our community
Everyone who is concerned, or wants to learn more about health inequity in our communities.

This three and a half hour training explores global and local health disparities in rates of Maternal Mortality, Infant Mortality, Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight births. After clarifying the problem, this class lays out the four pillars of “The JJ Way” created by Jennie Joseph of Common Sense Childbirth: An approach to prenatal care that has been shown to greatly impact the health of babies born to low-resource parents.

I learned how to be an active listener, how to talk less and listen more.”
“This class allowed me to join all the information I learned in the doula training with community service and taught me what I can do to help mothers in Birmingham.”

Join us to learn these tested strategies and start using them to make an impact on the health of this generation, and the next!!!!

Clase de defensor de la Salud Perinatal

¿Sabía que los bebés Afro-Americanos en EE.UU tienen más del doble de posibilidades de fallecer en su primer año de vida comparado con bebés de raza/etnia blanca? ¿Sabía que las mujeres Afro-Americanas en EE.UU tienen entre 3 a 4 veces más de posibilidades de morir de alguna complicación del embarazo en comparación con las mujeres …


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  1. Would love to join your Doula Training and Community Doula Training. I applied a few years ago but lived in Georgia. I currently live in Alabama and would love to take the training. I received an email in my inbox and realize it begins next week. Please let me know the possibilities. Also I don’t have money to pay presently but am willing to volunteer in exchange. Thanks!

    • Tessa Galea on May 22, 2015 at 7:59 pm
    • Reply

    Looking forward to taking this course and the Doula Training course. I currently live in Asheville, NC but am looking forward to completing my training in Birmingham. Awareness and education is detrimental for women to be empowered during the birthing year, and I want to be part of the solution. Thank you so much for offering a course like this to help raise awareness in Birmingham!

    • Sara Fink on March 28, 2016 at 1:41 pm
    • Reply

    Are there any CEU’s for social workers through this? i would LOVE to attend as i work with expecting women on Medicaid but i need some more CEU’s and i am having to take time out of me job (and unpaid leave) to earn them. If there are none available through this i don’t think I would be able to make it this year.

    1. Hi Sara, We do offer nursing CEUs with this workshop. would these work for a social worker? I don’t have specific CEUs for Social Workers. Call me if you want to clarify 205-614-3297 ~dalia

    • ctg on May 2, 2017 at 12:21 am
    • Reply

    When is the next training session offered?

    1. the next Perinatal Health Advocate Training will be on September 25th from 1:30-5. I am updating the web site now.

    • ctg on May 2, 2017 at 12:24 am
    • Reply


    When is the next training session offered?

    1. The next training will be in Sept. 13-15 for the birth doula workshop. Details on the web site. I am updating now.

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