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Birth Doula Services

BirthWell Partners is a non-profit community doula project that provides free and low cost doulas for under-resourced families.
If hiring a doula is out of your budget, contact us to see if we can help you!
[The cost of hiring a doula in AL ranges from ~ $400-$1500]

Want a BirthWell doula to accompany you during your labor and birth? Call Dalia today to register for a BirthWell Partners Volunteer Doula 205-614-3297!

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Want Dalia to call you? Go here to give us your contact info and we’ll call in 2-3 days.

Our birth doulas provide evidence-based informational, emotional and physical support before, during and after the birth of your baby.

DSCF8711What Does a Doula Do?

She will meet with you before your baby is born so you can get to know each other, so you can ask her all your questions about labor and birth, so that she can learn how to best support you during your labor.

She will meet you at the hospital and stay with you until after your baby is born. While she is with you she will massage your back, help explain anything you don’t understand, encourage and reassure you, and show your family members or other support people how to help you.  She will be there only for you!

After your baby is born she will stay with you until you and your baby are settled in. She will help you get breastfeeding off to a great start.

Once you are home, she will come visit you once or twice to answer any questions, help with breastfeeding, make sure you are doing well.

Why Have a Doula?

Doulas change the birth environment by providing continuous, compassionate support focused on the birthing mother. A doula’s presence can have a lasting positive impact for you and your baby:

  • improved birth outcomes

  • more positive birth experience

  • reduced need for interventions

  • less likelihood of c-section

  • better bonding with your baby

  • increased self-confidence in parenting

  • lowered risk of postpartum depression

Watch the documentary A Doula Story by The Kindling Group to learn more about what a doula can do to support you!

How Do I Get a Doula?

To sign up for a BirthWell doula or to refer someone to BirthWell Partners go here.

If you can, try to contact us at least 2-3 months before your due date. That will give us more time to set up the best possible match between you and your volunteer doula.

Eligibility requirements:

If you are eligible for Medicaid, you are eligible for FREE doula services. If you are eligible for WIC you may be eligible for FREE or GREATLY REDUCED doula services. The usual cost of doula services in Birmingham is between $400 and $1500, depending on the doula’s experience.

Don’t qualify for a doula through BirthWell? Visit for a comprehensive listing of doulas near you and available around your due date.

We have a group of wonderful volunteers ready to attend your birth!

Contact us today to sign up!

Servicios de doula certificada en parto

¿Quieres que una doula te acompañe durante el trabajo de parto y parto? ¡Llama a Dalia al 205-614-3297 para que una  de las doulas voluntarias de BirthWell Partners te acompañe! ¿Quieres que Dalia te llame? Completa el formulario de contacto en línea  y te llamaremos en los próximos 2 o 3 días Nuestras doulas de …