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Our goal is for every pregnant person to be able to have a doula during pregnancy, labor and birth. But the cost of a doula is well beyond the budget of many families in our community.

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You can help! Donate today!

BirthWell Partners hosts a DONA approved doula training workshop twice per year. The money we raise helps to provide training scholarships for four or five doulas per training at an estimated cost of $1200 per trainee.

Your money will enable people who can’t afford the cost of training and certification to become doulas. Then these scholarship doulas will give back to the community by providing volunteer support  for under-resourced families during pregnancy, labor and birth.

Five scholarship doulas, each attending six births means thirty people who otherwise could not afford a doula will receive this potentially life-altering service. And, each doula completing the program will become a DONA certified birth doula. They will have gained a marketable skill enabling them to earn an income by providing doula services.

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Isn’t this an investment in our community worth making?

Please consider making a donation today.

Your gift of $50 would cover the cost of one trainee certification packet from DONA.
A gift of $75 would pay for one set of required course books.
A generous $100 donation would pay for one scholarship recipient to attend the Childbirth Education for Doulas class.
$500 would pay for one scholarship recipient to attend the DONA Birth Doula Training Workshop.

Make a secure online donation through PayPal Giving Fund.

or you can mail your contribution, payable to BirthWell Partners, to:

BirthWell Partners
976 Linwood Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35222

BirthWell Partners is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Donating money not your thing and still want to help?

Do you have baby stuff lying around? Are you done using your breastfeeding accessories? Is your baby too big for your sling or baby carrier? Do you like to do craft projects? We can put all this stuff to good use!

Here is a list of stuff we need.


Do you have BOOKS about Childbirth and/or Breastfeeding lying around? We can use them!!! BirthWell Partners is building a library for our doula volunteers so they don’t have to buy the books they need for certification. Let us know if you have any to donate and we’ll find a way to get them from you, and put them to good use! Thanks!!!

Here is a list of the books we need for our doulas