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ConTinuing Education for Doulas

Continuing Education Events are free unless otherwise listed, and open to any doula who has attended a BirthWell Partners Birth Doula Workshop, or who is currently working as a volunteer or contract doula with BirthWell Partners. 

Monthly Discussions

Join us the 1st Wednesday of each month (2nd Wed. in January and July) at 6:30 pm for a one-hour discussion!  This is a great way to brush up, deepen your knowledge, and learn where to find more information. We will be referencing required reading for DONA certification, as well as other evidence-based sources.

Schedule of Meetings:

January 10th - Helping Clients Reduce Stress

February 7th - Prelabor & Labor Overview

March 6th - Let's Talk About Inductions

April 3rd - Posture, Alignment, and Pregnancy Discomforts

May 1st - Postpartum: Supporting Client Mental Health

June 5th - Providing Emotional Support During Labor

July 10th - Labor Variations

August 7th - Labor Complications

September 4th - How to Support During Pushing

October 2nd - Breastfeeding in the First Weeks

November 6th - Providing Physical Support During Labor

December 4th - Racism and Reproductive Care

Continuing Education

These trainings are meant to give new and more experienced community doulas more insight and resources when working wtih special populations.

Schedule of Meetings:

June 8th from 10 am to noon

Supporting Adolescent Clients

In-Person at ELI: 6523 First Ave N., B'ham, AL 35206

July 25th at 6 pm

Supporting Neurodivergent Clients

Online on Zoom

August: Date & Time TBA

VitAL Conference - more info later

September: Date & Time TBA

Navigating Maternity Leave

October: Date & Time TBA

The Importance of Community Support Systems


November:  Date & Time TBA

Supporting Clients who are HIV+

December: Date & Time TBA

Supporting LGBTQ+ Clients

Refresher classes

No doubt your original doula training covered a TON of information in a relatively short period of time. Refreshers are an opportunity to review what may have been unclear,  practice hands-on skills, and talk about how things are going as you are working with clients!

Schedule of Meetings:

Saturday, March 2nd: 9 am to noon at East Lake United Methodist Church

Saturday, June 15th: 9 am to noon at East Lake United Methodist Church

Sunday, September 8th: 1 pm to 4 pm on ZOOM 

Saturday, November 9th: 9 am to noon at East Lake United Methodist Church

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