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Since we started this program, we have been collecting outcome data in order to assess the impact of doula services on maternal and infant health. 


"Improving birth and breastfeeding outcomes among low resource women in Alabama by including doulas in the interprofessional birth care team."

Thurston, Abrams et. al. 

"Doula Care Improves Birth and Breastfeeding Outcomes in a Medicaid Population. Jefferson County, Alabama" 


Poster presented at the 2017 National Academies of Practice conference and at the Alabama Department of Public Health Office of Women's Health 2017 conference.

Program outcomes

Yearly program outcomes for birthwell clients:

Outcomes reported include cesarean rate, epidural rate, average gestational age, average birth weight, preterm birth and low birth weight rates, breastfeeding rates, incidence of holding newborns skin to skin immediately after birth, and induction rates.

Yearly national, state and county data are listed as well, for comparison purposes.

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