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Interested in having a doula at your birth?
Want more information about
our doula services?

Complete this form and we will call you within a week to answer your questions and get you matched with a BirthWell Partners Doula!



If you are on Medicaid then our services are FREE.

If you are not on Medicaid but you do meet WIC income eligibility guidelines then let’s talk.


Our goal is to make sure anyone who needs a doula can have one.


If you can afford to pay for your doula, we encourage you to do so. Doulas charge a flat fee of $700-$1500 in Alabama. You can find doulas available for your estimated due date by visiting

We are always happy to accept any payment amount to help us serve more families.

¿Tienes preguntas o quieres registrarte? Haga clic en este enlace y nos comunicaremos con usted dentro de una semana.

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