BirthWell Partners Community Doula Project

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We train community doulas who provide caring, one-on-one support to under-resourced pregnant folks and teens in central Alabama. Doulas provide families with the information they need to make informed decisions, support clients physically and emotionally during pregnancy, labor and birth, and assist them with breastfeeding and early bonding: raising breastfeeding success rates, reducing medical interventions when they are not necessary, improving the health of birth givers and their babies.
It’s cost-effective care that makes a clinical difference.



BirthWell Partners’ Mission:

BirthWell Partners is a not-for-profit community doula project whose mission is to improve the health of low-resource families and their infants in Central Alabama  by offering free and reduced-cost childbirth education, breastfeeding assistance, and non-medical labor support provided by birth doulas.*
*Doula [Doo-luh]: a woman who is trained to provide informational, physical and emotional support to women before, during and after childbirth.

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Not looking for a volunteer doula? Don’t qualify for BirthWell services? Visit DoulaMatch.net for a comprehensive listing of doulas near you and available around your due date.

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BirthWell Partners: Proyecto comunitario de doulas Puedes donar a través de nuestro fondo de PayPal Entrenamos doulas comunitarias que entregan cuidado y soporte uno a uno a mujeres y adolescentes embarazadas de bajos recursos en Alabama central. Las doulas entregan la información que necesitan las familias para tomar decisiones informadas, apoyar a sus clientes física …

How doula’s help us mother

“My doula helped me during labor when I was in pain. She kept me focused on breathing and she rubbed my back during contractions”. These are the comments from one of our recent BirthWell Partners doula clients. Doulas provide support during labor and birth, and research has shown they significantly reduce your chance of having …

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So You’re Pregnant! Now WHAT?!

So you are expecting a baby some time in the next 9 months… what now? Here’s some guidance: Get Educated! Attend classes! There are a range of classes for people who are expecting a baby, from breastfeeding information to CPR, classes for dads, grandparetns and even for kids looking forward to siblings. Classes can prepare …

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The Birth Doula Training Workshop Experience

My Thoughts on the Doula Training Workshop: Workshop Participant and BirthWell Partners Spring Intern, Racquel McCrary shares her thoughts on attending BirthWell Partners Spring 2017 Birth Doula Training Workshop.   The Doula Training Workshop was more than a training workshop for me. It was an experience that inspired me to grow in appreciation of the …

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How to Become a Doula

Yay! You want to be a Doula Being a doula means you get to be with a family when they welcome a new baby into the world. You are also a support for your client during pregnancy; sharing information, providing referrals to great resources, meeting and being available by phone. After the baby is born, …

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