Any pregnant person who wants a doula during pregnancy, labor and birth, should be able to have this support, regardless of ability to pay.  Thanks to grants and donations from generous individuals, we are making that vision a reality in Central Alabama!

Give the gift of doula support!

When you donate through PayPal Giving Fund, 100% of your donation reaches our organization.

Donate through PayPal Giving Fund!

BirthWell Partners matches doulas with low-resource families and also hosts several DONA approved doula training workshop each year. The money we raise through trainings, as well as the material and monetary donations we receive, help us provide services that improve the health of birth givers and babies in Central Alabama. 

Here are some other ways you can help us make a difference! 

Donate when you shop through Amazon Smile!

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When you shop through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to BirthWell Partners.

Donate when you buy or sell on eBay!


eBay for Charity is a program in conjunction with PayPal Giving Fund. Sellers and buyers can donate a portion of proceeds.


Donate when you shop online with GoodShop! 

When you shop through Goodshop, you can choose to donate a percentage of your purchases to BirthWell Partners, at no extra cost to you.

Donate by registering with GoodSearch! 


Register with GoodSearch and you can earn money for BirthWell Partners every time you search online. You don't have to spend anything to help us. How easy is that?

Do you have an item to donate that you think we might be able to use? Contact us to make arrangements so we can get contributions from you, or mail contributions to:

BirthWell Partners

976 Linwood Rd

Birmingham, Al 35222



To the Individuals, Foundations and Corporations who have generously supported our work this year!

Adriana Valenzuela

Alicia D'Addario


Amy Sanders

Andrew & Elizabeth Paul

Anjanette Robinson

Anna Diegmann

Anne Pautler

Audrey Oyama

Barbara Brande & Dr. Scott Brande

BBVA Employee Giving

Beverly VonderPool

Brett and McKenzie Golson

Caroline Short

Catherine Scarbrough

Catherinie Whyte

Change of Plans

Charline Whyte

Connie Hill

Dana & Jeff Gale

David High

Deanna Abrams

Di Bush

Diane & Howard Slaughter

Divyank Saini

Donald Rosenstiel

Doug & Nan Unkenholz

East Lake United Methodist Church

Eileen Kunzman

Elaine Witt

Elizabeth Hoekenga

Ellie Connell

Emily & Robert Levine

Esslinger-Brodbeck Giving Fund

Heather Waldrup

Howard Bearman

Izetta Burkett

Jackie Curtiss Cox

James & Robin Meador-Woodruff

James & Sheri Krell

Jane Falany

Janice Jemison

Janice Simons

Jeanne Baker

Jeannen Whatley

Jennifer  Havard

Jennifer Greer

Jennifer Maye

Jessica Grover

Jessica Johnson

Joanne Niewood

Joy High

Kaleigh Naylor

Karen Fitzpatrick

Karen Halpern

Katelin Adams

Katherine Pearson

Kayla Gambell

Kevin Lynch

Kristin & Thomas Rezek

Latricia Cyr

Laura Cruz & Zac Bragg

Lisa & Allen Engel

Lynch, Incorporated

Lynda Wilson

Madie Collins

Marcella Spearman

Marion Renneker

Marni Bonnin

Marsha Sturdevant

Megan Fisher Cheek

Melvin Zivitz

Michelle & Seth Wolnek

Mrs. Stanley Rubenstein

Nancy Abrams

Pat Vander Meer & Douglas Hoffman

Pete McCalla

Rebecca Rothman

Richard Haberstroh

Roscoe Wilks

SangAe Kim-Park

Sara & Phillip Amthor

Sara Ganton

Sarah Graves

Sarah Mills

Shannon Haddock

Shantrese Molette

Shicoreya Hopkins

Sigifredo Duran

State of Alabama

Susan Black

Susie Spence

Valerie & Geoffrey Gordon


William & Faith Pautler Foundation

Yvette Quarles Chatman

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